Please read the following carefully before taking the measurements:

  1. It is highly recommended to take the measurements by a tailor, however, in all cases you should not take your own measurements, ask someone else to do it for you.
  2. Please take the measurements on top of the clothes that you usually wear underneath you suit.
  3. When you measure the elbow and the knees please make sure you take the measurements on the skin
  4. Torso is a tricky yet very important measurement, please make sure the measurement tool is touching your body around the torso especially on the lower back
  5. Sizes: we offer 3 different sizes, tight, medium and baggy, please read the explanation before choosing the size:






1. Waist to ground (from the line number 5 at belly button) without shoes


2. From crotch to ground without shoes


2a. From crotch to knees


3. Thighs at the top and widest point


3a. Above knees


3b. Calf: Measure around the widest point of the calf muscle


3C. Ankle


3b to 3c. From knees to Ankle


4. Hips at the widest point


5. Waist: measure in a straight line around belly button, relax your stomach muscle


6. Chest: around the nipples, arms down relaxed, lungs not over inflated


6a. Below chest (for females)


7. Shoulders to waist line at belly button


7a. From armpit to waist


8. Torso: ensure that you take the measurement close around the whole area specially lower back


8A to B. Low Torso


9. Around the neck


10. Arm length starting from the neck


10A. Arm length from the shoulder


11 B to C. From elbow to wrist


12. Biceps


12a. around the elbow


12b. Forearm


13. wrist


14. Shoulder to shoulder, take the measurement from the back not the front


15. Around the shoulder (armpit)


16. From waist to end of the suit (for summer suit)


17. Height 


18. Weight